Become wealthy,
even by starting

All the money advice in one place
personalised for you

How much Life insurance, which policy
How much Health insurance, what add- ons
Which Mutual funds to invest in, why & how much
Should I invest in PPF & gold, why & how much
How much Emergency fund & where to put
How to save more, lower taxes & financial hacks

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a sorely needed service, one that provides you with 360° financial advice – from insurance to mutual funds to PPF. Feels like a personal financial guide!

Sanjeev Product Manager

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Propel Money is amazing, yaar! It’s so simple to use and the recommendations have helped me make smarter investments. I would definitely suggest this app to anyone who wants to sort out their finances!

Sakshi Software Engineer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The app’s suggestions were very useful. It also explained reason behind the suggestions. The best is that the suggestions are very specific and tells me exactly what to do. Highly recommended.

Preethi Content Writer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really liked the unbiased advice and accompanying videos. I told my friends to use it, and at least check if they have right insurance, the mutual fund recommendations and tax savings.

Amit VP Sales

Build a
solid foundation

Life can surprise – build your wealth on a solid foundation,
keep your investments safe & lower your tax

Build wealth
for financial freedom

We’ll build you a personalised portfolio of safe & growth
investments that is just right for you

your financial life

We’ll provide you with financial hacks to save more, organise
and simplify your life

How it works?

Tell us
about yourself

You, your family, your income and savings, how you will act in situations… all these matter to build your personalised plan

We’ll build you
a great plan

Your plan has details on how to protect and grow your wealth – what insurance and investments you should have, how much & why; and you’ll see the importance of investment planning

Stay on track
& Relax

We frequently monitor the plan to keep you safe & grow your wealth; we’ll adjust it as your life changes – higher income, marriage, children…

Don’t want full financial plan?

Know in 5 minutes which mutual funds to invest in and why

Propel Money Magazine

How to Save & Invest More

Inadequate savings forces people to chase high returns. They make not one but two mistakes of saving less and risking more. Need to remember that high savings create even higher wealth.

More Tax Saving Opportunities

Learn about the Exempt Incomes (Section 10’s) and Tax Deductions (Section 80’s) that you can utilise to reduce your tax liability. Understand when they are applicable and the limitations.

Financial planning & Investment Philosophy

Propel Money algorithms for financial planning and investment allocations are driven by our philosophy. Understand our philosophy and how the algorithm uses it.

Asked Questions

How does Propel Money earn money if the service is free?

Currently, we don’t earn any money. Eventually, as we launch more services, we shall be charging for some of them. However, we continue to believe that everyone needs and should be able to afford financial advice without compromising on quality. We will make our service both great and affordable.

We will always have a free plan that everyone can use.

What do I do with the Financial Plan that Propel Money suggests?

Currently, Propel does not provide the ability to buy the suggested financial products. We’re working on that now. In the meantime, you can use other service providers to buy these financial products.

I have existing investments, does Propel Money take that into consideration?

Propel’s current free plan uses the information you provide to determine the ideal plan for you. You can compare your existing insurance and investments to determine what you should do. We are working on features that will take into account your existing investments and other financial products you may have bought.